Red Squirrels



One of the species to photograph on my list this year was Red Squirrels.

Living in North Wales I had a few options locally.  Anglesey has a good population of reds and no greys and is only an hour away from home.

I also had the option of heading for Formby Point near Liverpool where Red squirrels are easy to see and approach without too much effort.

However having a few days free and a the need for an adventure I decided to make the trip to the Scottish Highlands and the heart of Red. Squirrel country in the Cairngorm National Park.

On short trips like this when you need pictures in a short space of time it’s good to use local guides or experts to show you the best places to visit without wasting hours or days searching.

On this occasion I decided to enlist the help of Neil Macintyre a man who growing up in the highlands has a special place in his heart for the Red Squirrel.


Deep in the pine ancient pine woods Neil has a hide set up where he can sit comfortably within close proximity of numerous squirrels who visit on a daily basis for a few hazel nut rewards.

The hide is also open to keen photographers allowing the chance to get some intimate views of otherwise shy animals.



Getting close to the Squirrels is however only half the story. They are very active little blighters and some perseverance is necessary along with some knowledge of Squirrels behaviour to get some half decent shots.

After two mornings of photography I left with a handful of images I was happy with and look forward to a return visit in the near future.