Today we had Snow

The first real covering of snow since I moved to Wales fell today.the weather forecast didn’t mention it.
I was not rally prepared for it. I had ran out of fire wood, and a few basics. The nearest shop of any kind is roughly about 5 miles away and the road out of the village is very steep unforgiving slope.
Lat month for some reason I decided to sell the landrover with the intention of upgrading to a more recent model. For some reason I can’t remember why once it had gone I did nothing to replace it.

So now I find myself having a pleasant day making the most of working at home.

The first half hour of any day when there is snow is a game of footie with Chester. Which if it doesn’t kill me at least gets the adrenalin going.

chester snow 1

I am lucky enough to have a small corner of the paddock where each year in late winter to early spring I can find a few Scarlet Elfcups. Each time I see them I can’t resist taking another photograph although I have hundreds already. They look particularly striking in the snow.

scarlet 1

There are two species in Britain which could be confused with each other. I don’t like common names when dealing with fungi it’s a little ┬áhit and miss but Scarlet Elfcups (Sarcoscypha austriaca) and Ruby Elfcups ( S.Coccinea) are so similar it is only by microscopic examination that you can be totally confident of a positive identification. From past examinations I am confident that I have S. austriaca but sometimes it doesn’t really matter, sometimes it is just about the beauty rather than the science.

For some reason I find it very difficult to get good pictures of Blackbirds. I find them much more  cautious than most garden birds. This one was more intent on finding a morsal of food I in the snow than taking too much notice of me.


There are a few lone stems of Teasel left standing in the garden. The Goldfinch have been feeding on the seed heads throughout the late summer and autumn. It only takes a few seeds to be dropped on the dead heads to encourage them to perch for a few pictures.

gold 1

One could not rally spend time in the garden in the snow without a picture or two of a Robin. In return for a mealworms or two the Robin is more than happy to co-operate.

Robin on frasted hazel branch